Dallas Cowboys Needs In The NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys had a pretty good 2016 football season. They have finished near the top and were close to making it to the Super Bowl. With the 2017 NFL drafts coming up the Cowboys have the chance to take their good team and make it even better. While the Cowboys will be picking near the bottom during each of the draft rounds there are some positions they should try to pick up players for.

The Cowboys do have some good players now but that may be changing soon. Both Morris Clairborne and Brandon Carr are going to be free agents. Anthony Brown had a good rookie season and while he is expected to continue moving forward with the team this is still going to be the need for additional cornerbacks. Orlando Scandrick will come back to start off the season but it takes him some time to find his spot on the field. There are a number of cornerbacks that are heading to the draft for 2017 and the Cowboys should be able to find some talented players.

While the position of safety may not be the biggest need of the Cowboys it is still a position of concern. Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox are going to be free agents so the Cowboys may end up losing them. Byron Jones is in the start safety position and he has enough talent to help the team. They are still looking to pick up another couple of players that can also play in this position.

Tight End
The Cowboys are going to be in need of some good tight ends for the 2017 NFL season. While Jason Witten is still playing he is getting to the end of his career. There are some good tight end players but the Cowboys feel that they can do better. They are looking to pick up some new players for tight and find a player that can work well with the quarterback Dak Prescott. While the Cowboys do have James Hanna and he is a good player he was sidelined due to an injury. The team is hoping that he was able to fully recover but his injury may still be on going and may hurt his performance.
Rico Gathers made from great moves since he was picked up in the sixth round. He is good but he is not up to the level of Jason Witten. It will be hard to find talent to be able to stand up to Witten but the Cowboys are going to look for it in the draft.
While the Cowboys are a good team there is no one player or one addition to any position that would allow them to win any game. It is a team effort and if every position can have good players the chance of winning does up. The Cowboys are looking to complete their talent lineup in the NFL 2017 draft/ they are looking to complete their offense and add some additional talent to their defense.

Tony Romo-Will He Remain A Dallas Cowboy?

When I began to research on Tony Romo’s future, I learned so much more. Will he stay with the Dallas Cowboys? Tony Romo is an incredible quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but since Dak Prescott- will be the starting quarterback for 2017, he may or may not want to leave the team. Many believe that Tony Romo will lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super bowl win, before he retires. All ears, are waiting to hear whether or not, he will stay with the Dallas Cowboys, or is traded to the Houston Texans or the Kansas City Chiefs, among other teams.

Tony Romo began his football career, at Burlington High School in Wisconsin. He then went onto college at Eastern Illinois University, where he played exceedingly and won many awards as a quarterback.

He began his professional career, with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003, where he had great plays. in 2004, he became a backup for starter Drew Bledsoe. Since becoming part the Dallas Cowboys team, he has received many awards for touchdowns, and percentage leads. He is best known for have the most passing attempts and a high quarterback ratings, along with many yards.

Tony Romo is a great asset to the Dallas Cowboys, because he has not played anywhere else. He has spent his entire career with Dallas, so whether or not he will be traded or whether he stays- he will continue to create touchdown passes, attempts, and passing yards for the NFL franchise. In 2012, he became the first in NFL history, to have over 300 passing yards, and in 2013, he had the most passing yards of 506, against the Denver Broncos.

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, believes in Tony Romo. He is not giving out any indication, that he will be trading Romo, or implying that he will stay, but he is still speaking positive about the veteran quarterback. Tony Romo has three seasons left in his contract, and he has suffered a back injury, so when he returned after he got better, he served under Dak Prescott. Many of the sports announcers and fans, don’t know whether or not Tony Romo future lies. Tony Romo is a great quarterback, who has led the Dallas Cowboys to winning many football games. With his salary cap being, 24.7 million, the team is facing a financial crunch.

Everyone is getting excited about the 2017 football season, after just watching the
Super bowl a few weeks ago, without the Dallas Cowboys being a part of it. Tony Romo’s continues to be a contender to lead Dallas to a future championship. He is expected to still be a part of the Dallas Cowboys when the season starts, to determine whether or not he will stay, or discuss his future with management. There is chatter among many teams, who would love to have him become the quarterback for their teams in the NFL, but for now- no one knows. Even with his recent injury, whether he stays with the Dallas Cowboys, remains to be seen

Dallas Cowboys To The 2018 Super Bowl-Fact Or Fiction?

Dallas Cowboys, Road to the 2018 Superbowl 
The end of the Cowboys 2016-2017 season was about as heartbreaking as it can get for a football fan. However, it is especially hard for the diehard Cowboys fans who have ridden the playoff rollercoaster for the last few years with Superbowl dreams crushed in 2013 and again in 2014 as they finished 1st and 2nd in the NFC. There was that all familiar glimmer of hope at the start of 2015 season with two wins under their belt, the future was promising. Injuries to both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant sealed their fate in week 2 of the season and quickly snuffed out any chance of progressing as a playoff contender. The remainder of the season would prove to be more than embarrassing with loss after loss. The poor performances from backups Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel and bad form overall left a less than savory 4-12 record, their worst since 1989. Hope quickly faded as Romo was again injured in week 12 and ruled out for the season. Let’s, please put a lid on that season and never open it again.

Now, this is an article about hope, not rehashing poor decisions or bad luck from years past. Every night has its dawn, and that dawn for the Cowboys came in the exuberant form of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot. These guys seemed to give the organization a much-needed resuscitation. The drive, the energy and overall mentality of Dak seemed to materialize not only with the offense he was leading but with the defense as well. The whole team just sparked. Although there were some great, great moments, remember when Dez threw it in for a touchdown? Some other times showed the team still had some things to figure out, and Dak had some things to learn as a rookie quarterback that only come with experience. Through the whole season, every victory was undermined by the chatter of when and if Tony Romo would be back and if Coach Garrett should disrupt the mojo of the current team. Finally, Tony spoke and if you haven’t seen that speech you should. He said it was Dak’s team now and he supported his team 100%. Tony would have one more chance to show his stuff week 17 against the Eagles. Scoring one TD we all got to watch the old gleam in his eyes that would whisper he’s still got some game left in him. But if it’s Dak’s team now, where would he go? That is a discussion for another time, this about the Boys heading to the Superbowl.

The Cowboys entered the 2016 postseason as NFC champs and high on the accomplishments of the season. Everyone watch with bated breath as they battled the Green Bay Packers for that elusive playoff spot. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers would show us that we still have things to learn. It was a hard lesson to watch and a harder one to take I am sure, but it was probably the most valuable one to this team. Once you’ve lost, a smart person will look at what they did wrong, once you find the mistakes, you work at fixing them. This team is smart; they want to fix their mistakes, are hungry to prove themselves, and want to win. The Dallas Cowboys will make the Superbowl run in 2018, and it will be one heck of a thing to watch.

Why Ezekiel Elliot is the Next Great NFL Running Back

Ezekiel Elliot a Force To Be Reckoned With 

If you are a fan of football I am pretty sure you have heard the name Ezekiel Elliot a lot. All good things of course.

Ezekiel Elliott aka Zeke is an American football running back for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. At just 21 years old he stands at 6’1″ weighing in at 225 pounds. But his size sure doesn’t seem to slow him down, and even if it did, his mass could drag him (and anyone else) along to get where he is trying to go.

Now before I get into all his current amazingness (is that a word?) let me start with high school. When someone is a good athlete, they are usually great in every sport. That is this kid all the way.

In high school Elliott attended John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri. He was a star in not only football, but also basketball and track, and he even played baseball.

While in highschool he played as a running back for the John Burroughs Bombers football team, and as a junior in 2012, he was named the St. Louis Post dispatch offensive player of the year after rushing an astonishing 1,802 yards, 34 touchdowns, and receiving 23 passes for 401 yards. Senior year, he had 3,061 all-purpose yards and 50 touchdowns, including 2,155 rushing yards and 40 rushing touchdowns.

Also a natural track & field athlete, Elliott was a state qualifier in sprinting and hurdling events. In high school he won four state championships at the Missouri Class 3 state championships.

Now let me touch down a little bit on his college football career. Elliot attended Ohio State University starting 2013, and in the 2014 season he was named the Offensive MVP of both the 2015 Sugar Bowl and the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

His success at the end of the 2014 season made him a front-runner for the 2015 Heisman Trophy. After his successful season, 1,672 yards and 19 touchdowns, Elliott was named the 2015 Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year and was also 2015 Ameche-Dayne Running Back of the Year.

Now tell me this kid wasn’t born to be great.

He decided to skip his senior year in college and wanted to jump into the draft. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, Elliott was selected 4th overall by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL draft on April 28, 2016. On May 18, 2016, Elliott signed his four-year rookie contract reportedly worth $24.9 million with a $16.3 million signing bonus. Well deserved as I am sure most everyone has either seen or heard.

His teammates are shocked and amazed by his talent. A few, including Dez, believe he will not only recieve rookie of the year, but will also shatter records.

In just six short games, this young man has rushed 703 yards. He is a beast and will let nothing get in his way. I feel sorry for the poor guys who do get in the way of that bulldozer. That is 225 pounds of all dedication and strength. I am looking forward to watching this young man this season and in many more seasons.

Although his Professional career has just started, it has already taken off and he is well known and highly spoken of. He is a force to be reckoned with.