Tony Romo-Will He Remain A Dallas Cowboy?

When I began to research on Tony Romo’s future, I learned so much more. Will he stay with the Dallas Cowboys? Tony Romo is an incredible quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but since Dak Prescott- will be the starting quarterback for 2017, he may or may not want to leave the team. Many believe that Tony Romo will lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super bowl win, before he retires. All ears, are waiting to hear whether or not, he will stay with the Dallas Cowboys, or is traded to the Houston Texans or the Kansas City Chiefs, among other teams.

Tony Romo began his football career, at Burlington High School in Wisconsin. He then went onto college at Eastern Illinois University, where he played exceedingly and won many awards as a quarterback.

He began his professional career, with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003, where he had great plays. in 2004, he became a backup for starter Drew Bledsoe. Since becoming part the Dallas Cowboys team, he has received many awards for touchdowns, and percentage leads. He is best known for have the most passing attempts and a high quarterback ratings, along with many yards.

Tony Romo is a great asset to the Dallas Cowboys, because he has not played anywhere else. He has spent his entire career with Dallas, so whether or not he will be traded or whether he stays- he will continue to create touchdown passes, attempts, and passing yards for the NFL franchise. In 2012, he became the first in NFL history, to have over 300 passing yards, and in 2013, he had the most passing yards of 506, against the Denver Broncos.

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, believes in Tony Romo. He is not giving out any indication, that he will be trading Romo, or implying that he will stay, but he is still speaking positive about the veteran quarterback. Tony Romo has three seasons left in his contract, and he has suffered a back injury, so when he returned after he got better, he served under Dak Prescott. Many of the sports announcers and fans, don’t know whether or not Tony Romo future lies. Tony Romo is a great quarterback, who has led the Dallas Cowboys to winning many football games. With his salary cap being, 24.7 million, the team is facing a financial crunch.

Everyone is getting excited about the 2017 football season, after just watching the
Super bowl a few weeks ago, without the Dallas Cowboys being a part of it. Tony Romo’s continues to be a contender to lead Dallas to a future championship. He is expected to still be a part of the Dallas Cowboys when the season starts, to determine whether or not he will stay, or discuss his future with management. There is chatter among many teams, who would love to have him become the quarterback for their teams in the NFL, but for now- no one knows. Even with his recent injury, whether he stays with the Dallas Cowboys, remains to be seen

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