Dallas Cowboys Needs In The NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys had a pretty good 2016 football season. They have finished near the top and were close to making it to the Super Bowl. With the 2017 NFL drafts coming up the Cowboys have the chance to take their good team and make it even better. While the Cowboys will be picking near the bottom during each of the draft rounds there are some positions they should try to pick up players for.

The Cowboys do have some good players now but that may be changing soon. Both Morris Clairborne and Brandon Carr are going to be free agents. Anthony Brown had a good rookie season and while he is expected to continue moving forward with the team this is still going to be the need for additional cornerbacks. Orlando Scandrick will come back to start off the season but it takes him some time to find his spot on the field. There are a number of cornerbacks that are heading to the draft for 2017 and the Cowboys should be able to find some talented players.

While the position of safety may not be the biggest need of the Cowboys it is still a position of concern. Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox are going to be free agents so the Cowboys may end up losing them. Byron Jones is in the start safety position and he has enough talent to help the team. They are still looking to pick up another couple of players that can also play in this position.

Tight End
The Cowboys are going to be in need of some good tight ends for the 2017 NFL season. While Jason Witten is still playing he is getting to the end of his career. There are some good tight end players but the Cowboys feel that they can do better. They are looking to pick up some new players for tight and find a player that can work well with the quarterback Dak Prescott. While the Cowboys do have James Hanna and he is a good player he was sidelined due to an injury. The team is hoping that he was able to fully recover but his injury may still be on going and may hurt his performance.
Rico Gathers made from great moves since he was picked up in the sixth round. He is good but he is not up to the level of Jason Witten. It will be hard to find talent to be able to stand up to Witten but the Cowboys are going to look for it in the draft.
While the Cowboys are a good team there is no one player or one addition to any position that would allow them to win any game. It is a team effort and if every position can have good players the chance of winning does up. The Cowboys are looking to complete their talent lineup in the NFL 2017 draft/ they are looking to complete their offense and add some additional talent to their defense.

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